About the UnO for KEMPER firmware


Today the UnO for KEMPER firmware EPROM is by far the most cost effective way to get hold of a dedicated foot controller for your Kemper Profiling Amp. Indeed, this firmware EPROM, which was designed in full cooperation with the Kemper R&D team, turns your Behringer FCB1010 floorboard into a dedicated controller for the KPA. The advantages of such dedicated controller, compared to the regular FCB1010, are:

  • No programming required! Power on and get started. Itís as simple as that.
  • Customizable if needed. With a simple 2-click procedure you specify which stomp switches you want on the floorboard.
  • Full 2-way communication with the KPA: the stomp LEDs reflect the correct effect states at all time!
  • The KPA tuner is controlled from the FCB1010 and shown on the FCB1010 display!

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