Welcome to the UnO4Kemper website


If you found this website, I'm sure we don't need to introduce the Kemper Profiling Amp to you. A wonderful piece of technology, able to recreate the valve sound of your vintage amps. Read all about it on the Kemper website : www.kemper-amps.com


You also may have heard of the UnO firmware before. UnO stands for "UnOfficial" firmware for the Behringer FCB1010, which is by far the most popular and affordable MIDI foot controller on the market. We added a number of features which were frequently asked for, mainly by guitar players.


What you will find on this website, is the 'UnO for Kemper' firmware. 'UnO', because it's just another "unofficial" FCB1010 firmware version (since we are not affiliated with Behringer). 'for Kemper' because this firmware turns the FCB1010 into a dedicated floorboard for the Kemper Profiling Amp. Interested? just take a look at the "UnO for Kemper" firmware details here

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